Sunday, January 27, 2013

Re-verse-ing the Bible - in progress!

In 2009, I advocated for re-verse-ing the Bible.  In 2011, the Bible Design Group at Biblica - had the same idea, but they had the publishing connections to make it reality!

Biblica has removed all the verses, chapters, commentary, editorial sections - in the Bible.  This is chiefly what I had hoped for - and hope that it makes it into translations of the Bible too.

Here is part of what they have done -

I still think an actual, formal re-versification will be necessary - to help people find certain sections and key ideas. And, I do think it makes sense to break up certain thought units that seem have been operative in intention of the earliest writers.  But - this is a great first step - and in itself - I'm certain - will transform the way people read the Bible!

Want to see sample download pages from Biblica?